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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Operaen i Oslo

This is going back to summer. But it's blowing and freezing here in Oslo so I needed some warm, touristy images to smile at. One day after class I took a stroll downtown to the new and oh so beautiful Opera House. Right on the water, it's stunning and when the sun shines you can barely look at the thing it's so BRIGHT. Now...grey sky...not as pretty. But the clean cut lines are still there!

My self portrait.

I've have an ongoing obsession with taking photos of what I call the 'dirty bird.'

Above: The actual material of the outside of the Opera House.  Lots of bubbly dots!  ;)
Below:  Inside.  Not even sure what it was...but it was cooool.  Dont you think?

Coat Room  =)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Website Launched!

I've spent hours and hours of time, dedication, tears and love on my photography. Finally I've entered the real, professional, grown-up world and I'm so thrilled to announce my brand spankin' new website! I'm incredibly excited to push myself harder and dive deeper and deeper into photography. I've been moving slowly but surely and I believe it's in the right direction.

Please, please, please stop by and check me out! You must. You must also tell EVERYONE you know all about it - facebook them, email them, call them, send them the link and bookmark it in your browser. So go ahead now and take a look around then let me know what you think. I'd love your thoughts! And then of course call and book me :) I'm ready, excited and willing to meet you and take some AWESOME photos! Lets get this thing started.

Through the Looking Glass

Well...sort of. I've been experimenting with taking photos through windows. It's so much fun and great getting smiling faces and natural expressions. We stopped by an amazing candy shop while roaming around Oslo. Scrumdiddlyumptious!

Oslo Winter Light

Last weekend was beautiful and suprise suprise the sun was shining! (This weekend...a whole different story) I met up with my new shooting buddies for some gooood coffee and a shooting extravaganza! I borrowed Priscillas Nikon camera and it REALLY tested my photography skills since I'm a Canon girl. I could barely use the thing and felt like I was learning all over! It was so frustrating, but when I got the shots home there were a few good ones. =)  We tried to focus on light and reflections through glass (posting those next) before we froze our buns off and lost the light downtown at Aker Bryge. By the way...exciting news coming up sooooooon!

Tusen Takk Priscilla og Hans Ola. Det var så fint!

Hans Ola (above) og Priscilla (below)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sweetest little thing

If I had to choose a family to become a part of I'd choose this COOL family. I think Beth and Herman win the award for coolest parents! So loving, open, caring...you can see it in all they say and do.
Earlier I took some photos of Axel, last week we met up to get some photos of the whole family together and big sister Embla!!! Embla was in Norway over the holidays and lives in New Zealand...which makes for the most ADORABLE ACCENT ever. Everything that came from her mouth, whether it be English or Norwegian (she knows more Norwegian than me), I couldn't help but get warm fuzzies.
We stayed in for a few shots and braved the cold outside for some adventure shots! :)

Such good sports...they were totally up for sitting in the display window! :)


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