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Friday, August 28, 2009


I am continuing my time in Norway with touristy things! Here are a whole load of photos from my trip to Vigelandsparken. Obviously the shots with just me were taken by no other than Yrjan. Anyways, here is just a glimps of a few of the statues in the park.

Yrjan actually took the shot above of the Angry Baby. I liked it so much I had to add it.

There were way too many tourists out for me. The sculptures are a hot attraction. ;)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jeg bor i Norge nå!!!!

(I live in Norway now!!!!) I have been meaning to put up an official post saying that I have moved to Norway. I have been without my laptop for over a week now so surfing the internet and uploading has been a bit more challenging, however I need to make my statement. :) I am gone from the USA. Sorry to those that would like photo sessions in Minnesota or North Dakota. Please email me if you just can't live without me...I will be home visiting of course. :)

For now...my blog will be a bit of a travel blog! I hope you enjoy and wish me luck on my photography adventures in Norway. There is a lot to learn about photography and how things are done in Norway.

Vi snakkes!


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