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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Driving through Fjords // Life in Norway

A road trip through Norway might include ---> breath-taking fjords, high as heck roads, tiny as heck roads, loads of sheep, sunshine, rain, more rain, green-blue waters, 900 year old churches, glaciers, waffles, itty-bitty villages, fresh fruit, tents, cabins ....and the list could go on.

The Hardanger Fjord is known for fruit! There were plum and apple trees everywhere and delicious moreller (cherries) for sale on the side of the road.
Above: Norwegians used to store their food in these 'stabbur.'
Above and Below: Lom  - an adorable little town with one of the oldest and biggest stave churches in Norway!
Above and Below: Views of Jotunheimen - Norways highest mountain area with summer ski resorts and glacier hiking!
Below: Hopperstad Stavkirke in the Sognefjord region. It was built around 1140! Holy crap that's old.
I'm totally envisioning Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood here?? 


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Nord-Trøndelag // Life in Norway

I took a bit of a road trip this August with my boyfriend, Yrjan, up to his hometown. He's from a small place on the coast in Nord-Trøndelag. We did all things Norwegian - took in beautiful sights, picked blueberries, went hiking, fishing, camping, swam in cold waters, drank beer, ate pancakes for dinner. I guess it sounds a lot like Minnesota except some added mountains and salt water, eh?  ; )  I hope you enjoy.
The famous "Hurtigruten" stops at a town nearby and it happened to be passing by while we were out fishing. For some reason I just love saying "Hurtigruten!!" 


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