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Monday, January 28, 2013

Mrs. Depew Vintage // Boudoir Photography

I have long since been dying to do a boudoir photo shoot and I about squealed with glee when I met the lovely and talented Mrs. Depew.  I starred adoringly at the vintage designs and wished I had stuck with my grandmother when she was teaching me to sew.  Tho, there's still hope and yes YOU too can sew the delicate and BEAUTIFUL designs that Mrs. Depew Vintage has in her store!
With parents as antique dealers and an entire family that's into art and collection...this girl really knows what she's talking about.  Depew sewed up these light pink and green vintage works in no time flat.  I wanted to create a simple and classy shoot...and seriously check out the amazingness that unfolded.  
Looking for something new this Valentines day?  Why not go vintage?
Hair/Makeup:  Charlene Nedrum 
Lingerie:  Mrs. Depew Vintage 
Photography:  Desiree Mostad
Special thanks to Cafe Stills!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Geo Parken // Stavanger Kids

I have been waiting to share these awesome kids with you for quite some time now!  We planned a 'surprise santa' shoot for Christmas gifts.  Now the gifts have been given and the surprise is out!!!  How fitting to photograph these brothers at the Geopark in front of the Norwegian oil museum since their dad works out on the oil rigs! It was fun with all the colors and graffiti and of course the huge bobbers.  

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Wintery Norwegian New Year

A pretty model on a cold winter day is how you start the year out right in Norway!  I've been so excited to share this styled shoot with you.  I collaborated with Chelsea's Cool Cakes on a lucky gooooorgeous day.  Chelsea's cakes are beautiful and creative....and delicious!  We both wanted to pull together and create something awesome.  We had red, gold, and winter in mind, so we set out driving to find the perfect woodsy wilderness with the light going down perfectly... juuuust in time for a photo shoot. 
HUGE thanks to Maria for modeling and pushing through the freezing cold and goosebumps!
Photographer: Desiree Mostad
Model: Maria G
Cake: Chelsea's Cool Cakes
Clothing and Accessories : H&M


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