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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Freedom.

I can not tell you all how absolutely wonderful my summer has been so far. I am really taking in all the sunshine and family and friends that I can. I'm fairly positive that Minnesota summers are the best.

Check out my 2nd cousin Haley. Could she get more beautiful?

More to come later!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Roadtrip downtown Stavanger!

I've been waaaaaiting to share this shoot with you guys for what seems like ages! I've been MIA for 3 weeks now because I am back home in the Minnesota HEAT WAVE. I finally found a computer to get back to editing. I had been wanting to do some test shoots to help boost my editorial portfolio. Little by little I'm morphing into that big time photographer who's going to totally blow you away. hehe. One day. :)
So the story behind this b-e-a-utiful and totally rad bright yellow bug is I went 'running' (yep quotes around that word), well, I didn't get too far into the first song on my iPod and spotted the bug. I tracked down the owner, who by the is just as cool as the car itself, and he was completely up for letting me steal it for a night! whooohooo! And of course I was lucky enough to also track down some gorgeous models living in Stavanger to put it all together.

(Thank you to EVERYONE who helped put this together!)

Photographer:  Desiree Photography
Assistant: Yrjan Johansen
Models: Stacy Clements, Chelsea Hill
Stylist/Assistant: Jamie Taylor


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