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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A little trip to Itasca.

It was way back during early October and it was Jane's first visit to the United States. We had to go
to Itasca, right! It was one of the most beautiful days this fall. We rented tandem bikes which was sooooo fun. (sorry didn't get a pic of 'em myself) We wandered around the park enjoying the leaves, lakes, trails, beauty of everything...and of course taking quite a few photos.
Hope you like.

View from the look out tower! It was windy! But perfect timing.

The look straight down. Can you spot Jane and Greger?!

Quite the model Greger!

He's only standing on one leg.

Yrjan insisted we stop at the "Largest White Pine" in Minnesota.
Actually it was HUGE. Neato.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

An Adventure Downtown with Dez and Kel.

These next two are of me. Just so ya'll know. ;)

Ok, back to kel!

After I photographed Kel with her coffee I took a seat and kel took over my camera.
Of course I'm on the phone...
my favorite things ---> coffee, my phone, and my burtsbees chapstick!
But of course my camera is #1 ;)

Infamous red door that every photographer hits downtown.


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