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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Kat & Øyvind's Friday Fall Wedding // Solastranden Gård

So what happens when the person you love is from a different country....you move to their continent, of course.  You fall deeper in love and make wedding plans in your home town.  It's going to be amazing and special. Except, sometimes the glamorous life of an international life gets interrupted by papers and technical issues like resident permits not allowing you to leave the country or go home. Those things can't and didn't stop Kat & Øyvind!  In under a month they cancelled arrangements for their planned wedding in Australia (Kat's home) and family and friends flew in from afar to Stavanger, Norway! 
So a charming little ceremony at the courthouse downtown and an incredible dinner, drinks and heartfelt speeches filled the beaches of Sola instead of Australia. It was amazing and special anyways!
Kat and Øyvind are so freeking cool, they invited me for tea 3 weeks before their new big day and I knew right away their wedding was going to rock!  The mix of Aussies and Norwegians was perfect. Everyone welcomed me like one of the gang and even kept checking on me to make sure I was fed and happy and having a good time.  Seriously, who cares about the photographer?!  You guys are the beeessst!  From stories of kings to Kat's dad having me watch hilarious youtube photog videos this clan really made me want to stay and party all night with them.  :) Thanks guys.
Kat & Oyvind I'm incredibly honored you chose me to capture your beautiful day! Nothing but love and happy wishes forever to you two....and I'll send some good vibes for your resident permits too!


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