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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The O.C.

Ocean City, Maryland that is. My all time favorite models....Kel and Ry! Yes, Ryan drove us the whole way from D.C. to the Maryland coast. There were a lot of firsts this trip....Ryans first time in the ocean...all of our first times eating large boiled crabs....um...me being in Maryland...hellloooo! We spent our first hours at the beach diving under perfect waves, squishing our feet in the sand, and then we got to the good stuff. The photo shoot on the beach of course! Kelly and Ryan are such great sports and do whatever I tell them to do. I'm not lying when I say that these two are always like this...in love. Isn't that how high school sweet hearts are anyways? :) Miss you two already.

Just the two of them.

I had to share a couple more. :)

ps. I'm looovin' the short hair   :)

Sock Monkey Pants

(For sock monkey pants explanation see posting below)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Family of Weld

We got together for photos riiiight as the sun was starting to go down and we had that nice warm glow. It was so perfect! The entire family seemed to be so comfortable in front of the camera and it shows. True happiness and fun shining right through. The Welds were the last of my photo adventure in D.C. I was incredibly sad to leave. Sad to leave my twin and go back to the singlton life. But the plus is I got to spend awesome quality time with everyone and make some new friends with good hearts and good souls!
We ended this shoot with a quick stop by Walgreens for some hydration. We happened to catch a nice old crazy lady with sock monkey pajama pants! Does it get any cooler? I think not.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

D.C. Baby!

More of the D.C. families! I got to tour Alexandria, VA while taking photos of the Adams family. Seriously, what a fun bunch. Everything was new and exciting while roaming the streets of 'King Street.' Evan was such a perfect dude to photograph...what a happy baby!  Shannon and Jared have been together since the 10th grade!!  Wow.  Adams Family = Full of love. Full of energy.
After searching the alley ways we ended our shoot once again on the Potomac river. Well, actually I put my camera away finally and we went for a scrumptious dinner downtown together! Thanks guys. :)

Not even planned. The guys happened to sit the exact same way.  How aaawesome?  Very.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Brody Love

I've been hangin out in Washington D.C. the last few days visiting my twin sister and brother-in-law! I have had the perfect opportunity to meet very cool men and women stationed at Fort Belvoir....and their families. Tracie and Paul had Brody just 2 months ago.  We had to wrap Brody up in his dads American flag and uniform.  This flag is special because it hung in Pauls room while he was stationed in Afghanistan.  Later, we braved the D.C. heat by the Potomac! I could just see the love pouring out for this little guy.


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