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Friday, August 26, 2011

Mombajohamba + Joel = Gavin

I was new to school and Lisa was supposed to show me to the bathroom...so we get there and I didn't even have to go. It wasn't that awkward and we best friends ever since that day in Fourth grade. I'm now unable to remember why I even called her Mombajohamba but it seems fitting since she was just MEANT to be a mom. My first time meeting Gavin and meeting up with Lisa and Joel since I had been away in Norway, and it was so apparent that parenthood comes natural to them both. :) It's sooooooo cool too see the spawn of your friends. Gavin was at the moooost adorable age to photograph. Six months. Just able to sit up...barely, and grab his little toes with BIG smiles.
Next time I see him he'll probably be walking. :( Jeepers time flys!

Love you. Dez

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sam + Lindsey + Luke

The weather wasn't exactly cooperating with us during Sams photo session. Riiiight when I showed up it started to rain. Of course. ;) We all hung out in their super cool cabin just outside of Park Rapids, MN until the rain stopped. Then it didn't really stop but we decided to dare the sprinkles anyway. And aren't we happy we did!?!
I've known Luke since 10th grade! Life got crazy, we lost touch and then last summer we reconnected and I met his aaamazing cool wife Lindsey.  She is the type of girl who lights up the room wherever she is with her simle and laugh.  Luke is now an awesome college basketball coach while Lindsey teaches and is also a super rad photographer!  The two radiate energy and happiness.    Really Sam is one lucky little dude.  :)

Lots of happiness and love to the three of you!

I'm in love with this b&w photo! 

Prolly my favorite...yea, my favorite. Look at Sams smile!?!?!

Sam wanted to be done with the photo shoot, but I love how Lindsey was so sweet with him.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Up North in Minnesota

I'm not sure it gets better than a sizzling hot day on the lake with two Mostads. ;) I had Haley and Jayce running through grassy fields, balancing on wobbly fences, and jumping off docks during our photo session. I can NOT get over how much these two look exactly like their mother and father. I am not sure how its possible to look like two people ALL at once so much. But they do.

Jen totally gets what I'm all about. Just hangin' and capturing those real life smiles. After we scouted out some nice grassy areas Haley and Jayce gunned it for the lake...I had to be quick to catch them jumping off into the sunset. Aaaah, what a lovely day.

Seriously. Can noooot believe this one is only going into 2nd grade!?!

Boys have fun during photoshoots too.  ;)
Modeling career for Haley?  I think so.
Tickle me with love.


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