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Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Stavanger Stud Muffin"

I actually still use the cool phrase 'Stud Muffin.' Although after my photo shoot with Ethan, I now realize that maybe it's not the cool thing to say any more. I'll have to switch to 'Cool Dude' now because that's what this guy is! In celebration of Ethans confirmation I was invited over to his house and his neato warehouse to take photos. Seriously this guy has such an awesome imagination!  He reminded me of myself back in the day. I used to spend hours away in my land of make-believe. Crushed glass on the ground - obviously stolen diamonds. A tiny creek - could've been a raging river I had to devise a quirky plan to cross.

Ethan is all about the video game 'Half-Life.' Yes, it involves a crowbar. Ethan and his Mom are two of those really cool people who totally get this whole photography thing! Be Yourself! Capture who YOU are. So Ethan was totally pumped to show me his balloon savoy skills, his fluffy cat Guzel, and his super cool red crowbar. I don't think I know a cooler 14-year-old?

Congratulations Ethan!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nettverk Stavanger

I attended and took photographs at the Nettverk Stavanger Mixer a couple weeks back.  It was awesome!  Nettverk Stavanger is a great new network to build strategic relationships.  It's hip, it's fun, it's free and best of all you have the chance to make connections throughout all industries in the Rogaland area and beyond.

If you at the Mixer downtown on the 8th, chances are that I photographed you.  Seriously I was all over that place. The speakers were amazing and honestly Esa Ik√§heimonen of Seadrill was so super cool.  As a non-Norwegian doing business in Norway it was nice to hear others thoughts on life, work, culture and the hyttes here!
 Check out the slide show and find yourself!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Eight girls, One boy.

I just wanted to share a snippet of what went on in my lens today! Seriously those kids ROCKED it. Energy was zooming ALL around me. The clothes from Tijn & Lieve were soooooo sooo cute.
We have another full day tomorrow of shooting.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Childrens photo shoot

I've been preparing for this up and coming childrens fashion photo shoot.
Keep an eye out for loads of cuties in adorable clothing from Tijn & Lieve coming your way! Woooot.

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Island: del to

Iceland: part two

I call him 'Elvis"   :)

Yes. An albino Icelandic horse. Seriously.

Didn't see Rudolph, but the rest were all there.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Island: del en

Iceland: part one
Simply stated, my trip to Iceland was...cool.  Literaly it was very cold.  Cold and breathtaking beautiful.  It was awesome to meet up with my twin cousins Liv and Anne and take a little drive down the Ring Road.  Okay, I didn't drive.  It was almost all Liv.  :)
The sights were absolutely INCREDIBLE.  We covered ourselves in wool and ventured from Reykjavik through to the southeast. I've come to really really respect and appreciate nature photographers!  These photos barely give you a glimpse at how spectacular the landscape is in Iceland.  But I took a stab at it.  Apparently there is a reason why I mostly shoot people. ;) 

Isn't the world cool?

I spy Anne by an iceberg!

And so begins the 'red dot' journey.

This was my absolute favorite part of Iceland. It very well might be the coolest place on earth. It's hard to tell from my photos I think, as I make a sad nature photographer but the way the waves were crashing with so much power and the light and the black sand and the snow and the incredible rock formations...seriously freeking amazing. Kirkjufjara, near Vik.

Join me soon for Island: part two. I'm not going to lie...there are going to be Icelandic ponies. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!


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