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Monday, February 23, 2015

Lily Aurora // Stavanger Nyfødt

This little darling was only 9 DAYS old when she had her very first photo session.  She was as perfect as could be and even slept through half of her shoot.  I couldn't be happier for her Mom and Dad! It's obvious they love her like crazy...(of course who wouldn't, look how adorable she is?!)...but they are soooo relaxed and at ease for their FIRST babe.  They were meant to be parents and I can't wait to capture them as a family as the months and years go on.  ;)


Friday, February 13, 2015

Amand + Doug // Scandinavian Adventure

Amanda and Doug's Minnesota ceremony was filled with everything a wedding should have.  Lots of love, hugs, laughs, tears, kisses...and a kransekake! The midwesterners are proud of their Scandinavian heritage and so it was only fitting to be married in front of a fireplace inside a cross country ski lodge. Såååå koselig! It was a perfect wintery Minnesota day to start their new adventure together. No one worried about the cold since in just a few days they were headed to the sunshine in Mexico!! (They ditch the coat and shoes for sand HERE! Seriously check out the palm trees.)

More time for photos:  Since the light goes down so early in the winter, A & D decided to have a special '1st look' and meet each other in private for the first time. 
Amanda collected flowers from family and friends as she came down the aisle to create her bouquet.
What a special and awesome idea!
Click below to see more of A & D's awesome wedding!   


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