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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vanessa and Eirik + One

Vanessa and Eirik -  A gorgeous couple, deeply in love, who couldn't be happier to be carrying a child.  After years of trying they will soon (Mid-August!!) be welcoming their sweet baby boy into the world.  Hearing Vanessa tell me their story just gave me goosebumps and then beam with joy!  :)  Seriously tho, ummm...Vanessa can you teach me how to be as cool as you?
Vanessa recently opened her own yoga and dance studio in Sola!  Check out Studio Vanessa on Facebook HERE.  After seeing her HEADSTAND at 33 weeks pregnant you know she is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.  We started out near the Three Swords in Stavanger then headed to their cozy home for some more intimate shots.  First outfit was a cool as heck ONSIE!  YES!  This is how I know these people ROCK.

I can't wait to meet your new babe guys. :) See you in the fall!

HELLO....they're definitely going to have a gorgeous baby.

So sweet.  :)

Ummm...can I trade my body for your 33 week pregnant body? Pretty please?
OOOOHHHH MY is right!!!!!! AAAAMAZING.  Yep.
Dance moves.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pettersens ----> Family of FIVE!

I'm not sure kids get any cuter than these guys. Maybe it was the bbq wings and hot dogs we had on the beach that got me... I'm not sure. ;) During my last getaway to Oslo I met up with the Pettersens downtown in Asker. I've been incredibly lucky to be able to photograph cool and amazing families lately. Each time I am more and more amazed by each families uniqueness and the oooodels of love they display. It was so fun to watch these 3 little ones playing together and see their individual personalities revealed to me.

I LOVE hide and seek. Who doesn't? really?

Um....Eva, could you get any more gorgeous?

BBQ on the Beach!
Probably my favorite photo of the day.  :)
Okay, maybe it's this one that's my favorite.  eeeeek.  spunky + adorable = Stella

She's only three, but next she's asking for Dads credit card.  ;)

Pure happy right down there.  :)

Check out more of these cool cats (yes, Hello Kitty cats :) on their special video slide show!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Days are here!

Wind blown hair (see below), boat rides, bare feet, cold drinks, camp fires, bull rides, sweat, sun tan lotion, blue lake, good music, ice cream cones, sun kissed cheeks, family, friends, fish fry, parades, smiles, love......my favorites of summer.

I'm CRAZY busy this week with shooting and finishing up edits before I head out for the States. I CAN NOT get enough of this little Eva's hair. How lucky is she? Really? Are you kidding me? wow.

Aaaaand a bit of music for you. *Warning* This link will take you to a COUNTRY MUSIC video! Yes, that's right country. If you know me, you know I LOVE country music. Well...if you didn't know that then you know it now. Sing it now....SUMMERTIME.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Faith + Ethan = Brilliant and Cute!

The last week has been a whirlwind of meeting more aaaaamazing families! I got to hang out with Faith and Ethan at their house, meet their Pati (Grandma) who was visiting all the way from Malaysia. We all admitted that it wasn't exactly hot weather but it wasn't raining so we hit up the beach! We even dipped our toes in! Yea, I touched salt water. :)
Once again, every single word that came out of these gorgeous kids was suuuuuper cute because they have the most adorable accent. I really wanted to record them just talking to me the whole time.  One day when I have kids can someone teach them to speak with a British accent?!  Please?!!

Siblings rock.

Hello Kitty is ALL the RAGE.  Still.  I'm considering getting a set of dishes just like Faiths.
We had a TEA PARTY.  How appropriate!

Red light, Green light.  Get's them every time.  ;)

Monday, June 13, 2011

My fellow Americans!

Hey Guys!

Just wanted to let you all know that I'm coming home for a visit! I'll be in Minnesota for pretty much all of JULY. Yes, it is cool and amazing. This also means that you can finally get your photos taken this summer! :) Yay.

If you're interested in booking a session between July 11- 31st please send a message to post@desireephoto.com I'll be visiting Bemidji, Park Rapids, Brainerd, Minneapolis/St.Paul for sure....so sort of ALL over the place.

(If you're over on the East Coast...have no fear. I'll be in Washington D.C. August 9-14. Holla!)

Looking forward to seeing you ALL again.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jumping for Joy!

Being away from friends and family is one of the hardest aspects of living across the world. Being a twin, many people always ask that same question "What's it like being a twin?" I usually answer with something like, "I don't know anything different." Well, now I suppose that's not exactly true. I've been 'separated' from Kelly for over 3 years now. She moved across the USA multiple times to be with her most amazing hunk of a stud muffin, Ryan. :) He now claims to speak twin...although the jury is still out. Yes, it's true that I really feel part of me is missing. Though I can't really put a finger on it, I definitely feel it when Kel and I are together again. I spose I smile more, laugh more, relax and enjoy life a little more when I'm with my twin sister.
So, when Kelly and Ryan came to visit me in Norway it was soooo nice to hang out and finally show her what my life has been like way over here in Norway the last couple years. Yep, frolicking on a beach with our coats on. ;) We literally jumped for joy. All of us. And of course I had to take a few shots of them because they are my favorite models.

I've entered a photo of Kelly and Ryan for the weekly photo contest at iheartfaces! Check them out.


All of us :)


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