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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

June Update!

Hey Norway friends!
I just want to keep you updated and let you know that if you're thinking about scheduling a photo shoot NOW is the time to do it!  I will be out of the country from June 29th - September 1st.
I am so lucky to visit my family in Minnesota and while I'm at it I'll be traveling throughout parts of the US and Canada photographing awesome people, children, and weddings.
So if you still need to capture your loved ones this summer in the awesome Norwegian light, on Sola Beach, walkin' on those neat cobblestone streets downtown, or if you just want to have some fun together and grab coffee - give me a shout out at post@desireephoto.com or call 482 42 998. 

(After June 29th I will be available via email only!)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Per in Oslo!

"How are you going?"

I was lucky enough to meet up with one of my original 'Real Housewives of Oslo' friends when I was in the city last. I hadn't seen Per for over a year, not to mention Shelley is expecting another little one! Whooohooo! The sun stayed out for our entire photo session and it was nice to hang out with the fam.

I'vw gotta tell you tho I love this family - they're half Danish, half Australian and speak with the best Aussie accent! Apparently it's a bit of a country accent?  :)  I wonder if Per will have it too?!  AAaaahhh adorable.

On to the lovelies --->

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Obi-Wan, Superman, and Tinker Bell.

I spent an awesome day in Oslo with my friend Ampy and one rad set of twins and their little sister.  My first time photographing identical twins! It's seriously so cool to watch them interact.  They're completely different from me and my sister...it's got to be the whole boy thing.  However, I must say Sophie is the biggest fire cracker of them all! She's totally the one starting the wrestling matches!  hehe.

We started the day having PANCAKES downtown then hung out enjoying the bit of sunshine doing what kids do best.  Living in their own world of make-believe.  Yes, I joined in and wore an elephant hat.  Check it out on Facebook HERE!
Aaaaaah, what a lovely and FUN day.

Thx Ampy, I had a blast.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Little Stavanger Update.

Hey ya'll!
I'm back in Stavanger after a week long vacation with my most favorite people evaaaar! My twin seeester, her hubby and my hubby! We did all the touristy stuff then took the train to Oslo to see more touristy stuff and visit my cool friends. Then darkness covered me and I was struck down with sickness (Kelly my twin totally passed it on to all of us. ;) Anyways, i'm recovered and I even got to shoot a couple family sessions while I was in the big bad city of Oslo. IT WAS SO FUN!

1. I'm back in the office/my kitchen table.
2. I'm not back for long.
3. If you're looking to book me in Norway give me a shout out SOON!
4. I'll give you the update on my summer schedule in another post just to keep things interesting. ;)

Takk for det.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Tijn & Lieve up in HERE!

Tijn & Lieve Fashion photo shoot REVEAL!

It all started with the Stavanger Expat website. ;) I found out about a cool botique called Tijn & Lieve and thought it would be awesome to combine really cool clothes, amazing kids, and photography all in one. This is what happened! ---> So many beautiful children in Stavanger.

So Here it is folks! PS. Last night was fantastical. TUSEN TAKK to everyone who helped and donated their time, children, clothes, and love.

Untitled from Desiree Mostad on Vimeo.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Launch Party - Stavanger Children Photography

I'm getting ready for the launch party tomorrow! Hope to see ya'll there. I'm pretty sure fun times are going to be had. Who doesn't love a paaarrrtttyy! ;)

Reminder: If you'd like to come please RSVP to Petra at info@tijnenlieve.com or call 46391542. Tusen Takk!


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