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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kelsey & Evans Debut!

Photos of this big sister and little brother have been FAR over due!  This last week I was so lucky to spend a few days with Kelsey and Evan, my niece and nephew, in Colorado!  Kelsey was just over a year old when I lived out in Boulder...seven years ago.  eeeeeek!  I can't believe she's now eight and Evan is no longer a chubby little baby but an incredibly smart and full of energy 5-year-old. ( In January)  Both of these two have voices of angels and I see a mini Taylor Swift and the next Michael Bublé in the making.  Well, we took a little stroll around the neighborhood right before school started...what a refreshing way to start the day.  :)

It's been special and wonderful to watch both of you grow up!  I miss you already.

Newest member of the family ---> Sugar!

Yes, he waterskis and drives a jeep.  ;)


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