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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Stavanger Urban Engagement // Forlovelsesfotografering

I'm so excited to photograph Stephanie & Stian's wedding this weekend. Obviously you can see why.
Stian Movin photo StianMovin_zpsfdb6bfcf.gif steph movin' - Tou Scene photo Steph_Gif3_zpsbf09d365.gif
PS.  This is the exact bench where Stian proposed to Stephanie...so we did a little recreation. 

I LOVE it when people really loosen up and just go for whatever during a photo shoot! Steph & Stian were no exception....seriously how rad are they and their engagement session?!? These two were up for all my weird and crazy ideas, so we spent our time roaming the charming streets of Stavanger and headed toward Tou Scene to get creative. It was fun hearing their story of how they met and dated long distance because Stephanie is originally from Ohio. Ohhh let me tell you I know how tough a long distance relationship is...and an international one at that! Steph and Stian, if you've made it through that I know you are truly meant for each other!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Sweet Summer Barn Wedding // Stavanger Bryllup

I was really looking forward to Kristine & Mortens wedding because I knew it would be filled with amazing DIY details and the coolest people. It was perfect! These two have style (remember their Engagement Session here?) and Kristine really put it to work with help from her family to create the look and feel she wanted for her wedding day. An old renovated barn was the perfect setting for their ribbon and string wrapped wine glasses, cute banners, confetti throw, family bbq, and delicious cake table! It was one of those AWESOME sunny and warm Stavanger days we've been having for Kristine to dawn her Leila Hafzi gown...it seemed to be the perfect dress for her! Their family gathered from all over Norway and flew in from Germany to be with them. I loved the mix of languages and I even teared up when Mortens grandmother gave a speech in German....tho I have no clue what she was saying I could just see and feel the meaning behind it all.  haha!
I have been incredibly lucky this year with weddings and my awesome clients who make me feel so welcome and part of the fam! Thank you to everyone! It was an honor to be a part of your day.

Their beautiful, charming, and delicious cake was from the one and only Chelsea from Slikkepotten Kakebutikk! 

Tusen Takk / Danke / Thank You


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