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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Just get in there.

Sometimes you just have to 'GET IN THERE' and get your shot.  While traveling, sometimes you can feel like you're imposing especially when you have your massive camera flashing in peoples faces.  The best thing to do:  Smile.  I never like to make people feel uncomfortable or take their photo when they don't want it taken. (Though sometimes this does happen) So...sometimes I'll quickly grab a shot and hope the people don't mind.  Otherwise I smile, and if they don't speak my language I hold up my camera and gesture.  "eh?......big smile"  100% of 96% of the time people say yes.  
When people do not speak your language it's very helpful to smile and SHOW them your photo!  Let them SEE the AWESOME photo that you took of them.  Most of the time they'll smile and laugh.  Sometimes I take a photo with the person just to show them that it's ok.  :)  And then SCORE you've got a nice memory with an nice old lady or a group of good lookin' soldiers.
Sometimes you just need to get in there and TAKE your shot.  You don't have time.  Sometimes you have to look like a gomer to get that cool shot of a bird.  ;)
Below are instances where I was so close to my subject I didn't want to make them feel weird or get yelled at by 'stealing' a photo of them so I simple asked.  Seriously, it's worth the shot!

Get out there and work it.  Don't be shy and remember...you're not a tourist..you're a PHOTOGRAPHER!  
(okay, maybe a little tourist too ;)

Get Learned: B&W

Things aren't always black and white.  They are shades of grey. 
When looking into changing your photographs to black and white you actually have a variety of options.  Photographers usually stick to one method.  I've sort of fell in love with the first image below. A good balance between blacks, whites, and neutrals.  If you've heard of 'BAMF' from Totally Rad Actions...I highly suggest you love it too.  :)
The second image is plain old desaturated, which means all I did was remove all the color and boom...B&W.  Notice a HUGE difference though don't you. 
It's really personal preference.  Which one do you like most?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Get Learned: Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds. The latest installment of 'Get Learned' by Desiree. 

Composition is one of those things that will make or break you as a photographer.  Being able to 'frame up' your shot is critical.  It's an element that helps make your photograph interesting.  The basic principle behind the 'Rule of Thirds' is being able to imagine breaking down your image into thirds so that you have nine parts.  Check out the grid below.  ( I made that in photoshop!  Such talent.  ;)  

Imagine this grid in your view finder.  Imagine it in-between your fingers when you do that one eye squint and frame up an image with your hands.  With this grid in mind the 'rule of thirds' identifies 4 important parts of the image you should consider placing points of interests as you frame and compose your shot.  (Those are the red spots in the grid above) You'll want to place your main subject off center.  Apparently I have a tendency to place my points of interest in the left section as we can see below. (I swear I have others stored on my hard drive!)  
By following these guidelines your image becomes more dynamic yet balanced and the viewers eyes are drawn through the image more naturally.

 Only once you've got it down good...  You get to BREAK THE RULES!  

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bright lights.

Just wanted to share a few of my latest creations. I've done a few shoots and workshops focusing on studio lighting and flash and I have to tell ya...it's aaawesome! I jumped into the latest MINNeSHOP here in Minneapolis so I don't have to be one of those photographers who is 'scared of lighting equipment.' There are those people out there and as a photographer who shoots the majority of my work with natural light it's important to keep up with the studio lingo as well! Check out some of my latest indoor portraits. Whoop!


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