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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The last of London.

Well, maybe. ;) I had a few more I had to share. I'm lovin' the travel photography because it was (still is) something I feel I needed to work on and also I needed it so I didn't have to put photos of other peoples children and weddings on my walls! I'm hoping to get out there and get some faces soon.  No worries.

Eros. God of Love.

I'm in love with the £10.  It's the hummingbird.  They always remind me of my lovely grandmother. One of the last times I saw her she was out at the farm sitting in her chair and she was surrounded by hummingbirds!  I looked out the window that her chair faced and they were zooming allllllll around.  It was stunning and beautiful....just like she was.  :)
Yes.  I ate fish and chips.
Last of the photos posted....but the first shot I took.  I hope you enjoyed the trip!

The Underground and Double Deckers!

Much of our time in London was spent walking around and trying to get from one destination to the next. However, I didn't realize how HUGE London is! It took us 45 minutes on the bus to get just a few miles. I didn't mind so much though because seriously...who doesn't just love those double decker buses? The subway system is a whole different story. I was so thankful I've gotten used to taking trains and subways from living in Norway because dang that underground is complicated and confusing...not to mention PACKED. I love what Lydia said while we were stopped on a seriously filled subway, 'This could be a deoderant commercial.' How do Londoners do it?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Portobello Market

Ready for a zillion more London photos? This one goes on and on. Instead of touring the churches or castles we had to hit up one of the infamous markets on Saturday in London. There was so much to see I couldn't even focus...however my camera did! :) I was split up from the girls for about 2 hours because I got lost taking photos and ended up buying a SHWEET old film camera from the 1950's. (Yashica 44) Now I just have to get some film! I have been thinking of going back to film for fun and because it's so classic and lovely.  I also bought a new dress and pair of boots...how could I not in London? Honestly?! As one of the fashion capitals of the world, it was definitely cool just walking around and seeing what people were wearing. I love the styles, love the accents, love it all!  The Portobello Market near Notting Hill was definitely interesting and PACKED with people and weird things.  Meat, beads, antiques, colorful scarves, silver and much more.


Diana testing out the camera I was about to buy.

I ran into these lovely old men on the street.  They told me they were just out taking a stroll...in their old English army uniforms.  ;)  The metals they have there are for good behavior.  They live in a veteran retirement home just down the street.  Coolest accents ever!

I happen to spot a Lewis Carroll collection on opening weekend of Alice in Wonderland.  I should have bought it.  Just saw the 3-D version of the movie tonight! Brings back so many great memories from performing the one-act in high school.  'I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.'

I had Lydia take a shot of me with my brand new old camera when we stopped for coffee and tea.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Bloody Brilliant!

I had an awesome trip to LONDON! My good friend Lydia and I flew over for the weekend and met up with Diana who had to make the long trip from the U.S. They put up with me always lagging behind because I could never stop taking photos. (Thank you girls! :) I have OH SO MANY MORE photos to share but for now here are some of the 'sites' downtown London. I had been dying to get a shot of the London Eye, Big Ben and the London Bridge....mission accomplished.
I have definitely been hit by the travel bug now. Next stop...er...work, then paycheck.....then ...Italy? Spain? :) What do you think?

There it is.....the dirty bird!  Oh
I'm know. I'm a geek.

St.Paul's Cathedral
Tower of London

The Thames!

Above & Below:  The National Gallery
Lydia and Diana!


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